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He reputed me another few iDrty me a compilation. MC My roommate and so-called backpack called me a public because I stepped a sorority.

Yay for randomly assigned flatmates in first year. MC My roommate and so-called friend called me a slut because I joined a sorority. Anonymous I was called a slut for not sleeping with a guy. Anonymous When I moved to a new middle school, I was called a slut the first week I was there because I supposedly had given a guy a blowjob. Erin Logan I got called a slut because my ex-boyfriend started a rumor about me sleeping with his friend. So he attempted to make me look bad. All but one person believed him. Anonymous I was called a slut for breaking up with a guy after he cheated on me.

Anonymous My mother called me a slut when I was 13 because I wore lipgloss and a short skirt. Siti I was called a slut several times in my life, either directly to my face as a confession or behind my back.

Sluts galleries Dirty

My stepmother called me gal,eries slut upon finding out I have a boyfriend. My social escort mother called me a slut and even told me I came out from one too way to go, Mom. I look talleries, I wear glasses and read books all day. So what the hell people?! Gallerirs and an ex-boyfriend told me galperies people thought I was a slut because I have a huge rack for someone petite. Oh yeah, that explains. Dek A married lady who likes my boy friend calls me a slut only because my boy friend has chosen me over her and because I am a divorcee. So I am a slut. I waited for months after I divorced to have a boy friend. I had never had a boyfriend in high school and never had kissed anyone until I kissed a woman began to realize my sexuality and accept myself for who I am.

Nele I was called a slut by 3 older girls for wearing a bright shiny pink coat on my way to my piano lesson.

My mother sew that coat for me and I refused to wear that coat ever again, feeling shame whenever I saw it. I was 11 or 12… Renata I was called a slut early in high school because I was so short that normal-sized tops always hung a bit lower down my chest than they would on other Dirty sluts galleries. E I was called a slut by a group of girls in high school. I stayed a virgin throughout those four years. I had an extremely restrictive eating disorder, and I was conditioned to be ashamed about wanting anything too much. KS My mother called me a slut and accused me of statutory rape after I confided in her that I had lost my virginity to my then-boyfriend. I was 18, he was 17, and we had been dating for over a year.

Anon My roommate last year called me a slut behind my back because I have sex with my boyfriend, and wear dresses on a daily basis. Perhaps, most tellingly, I rid myself of a two-faced female who was so uncomfortable with her sexuality she had to speak ill of me and gained an honest, open hearted partner who never made me feel ashamed to be anyone other than myself.

He asked if I wanted to see his penis, and I said no. He tried to move the camera down there, anyway and I immediately exited out of the chat. He sent me another message calling me a slut. I still gave him a chance after that. Sally I got called a slut an hour ago from a work colleague. I asked why, she said no reason. J i got called a slut while i was wearing my high school uniform, waiting for my dad to pick me up at night.

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