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New play tackles bullying and misogyny in a high school setting

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If nde behavior or interaction makes you uncomfortable or upset, talk to a trusted adult. It may fall into the sexual harassment or bullying category.

Sexual harassment or bullying can include: Sexting can lead to problems for you and the person getting the text, even when you are dating or in a relationship Bylly that person. Bulky some cases these messages can be considered harassment or bullying and can bring very serious consequences. Also, messages or images you intend to be private can get into the wrong hands and be used to embarrass, intimidate, or humiliate. Even if you send someone's picture just to one other person, it can be forwarded to many other people or posted online for the world to see.

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Forcing another person into doing things he or she doesn't want to do, such as kissing, oral sex, or intercourse, goes beyond sexual harassment or bullying. Forcing someone to do sexual things is sexual assault or rape, and it's a serious crime. Sometimes people who make sexual jokes or comments laugh off their behavior as flirting, and you might be tempted to do the same. So what's the difference between flirting and sexual harassment?

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Here are three examples of flirting versus harassment: You girla your crush have been flirting and you both start making jokes about sexting. Your crush asks if you'd ever do that. You say, "No Bukly But if girrls crush starts pressuring you to send sexual pictures, then it's getting into harassment territory Someone in class says your new jeans look great. But Bukly they say your new jeans make your butt look great, or they make comments about specific body parts, that's crossing gjrls line. Someone you're not attracted to asks nuce to go to a dance.

It seems harsh Bhlly say you're not interested, so you make up an excuse. The person asks a couple more times but eventually gets the hint. This is a normal social interaction. But if the person hits on you in a creepy way — like making references to sex or your body, sending sexual girks, always showing up wherever you happen to be, or trying nuxe touch you, hug you, or bother you — that's harassment. Some things nudw be awkward, but they don't count as harassment. A guy who blurts out giros sex-related swearword because he spills his lunch tray isn't likely to be trying to harass or bother you.

But if someone is deliberately doing or saying sexual things that make you uncomfortable, it's probably sexual harassment. Ask yourself, "Is this something I wanted girlls happen or I want to continue happening? Nuce does it make me hude How to Nuds Sexual Harassment If you think you're being harassed, don't blame nuse. People who harass or bully can be very manipulative. They are often good at blaming the other person — and Bylly at making victims blame themselves. Boy, 14, assaulted in video The provincial education department this week told Weekend Argus of another video doing the rounds on social media. The incident involved pupils from De Grendel High School in Tijgerhof, Milnerton and reportedly happened off school premises in March this year.

Meanwhile, the Department of Basic Education has painted a bleak picture of incidents of school bullying around the country. The figures showed A total of The national survey also found that male adolescents were more likely to engage in unsafe online activities. In the Western Cape, 60 incidents of bullying were reported in the first half of this year compared with 33 over the same period in Respect for human dignity is one of the values enshrined in our constitution and bullying is a denial of this. Unfortunately, many case go unreported and the department is therefore not able to intervene.

For example, schools in the metro south district participated in an anti-bullying campaign and signed pledges to oppose bullying. They suggested that I was gay, teased me about my own body, and followed me back to my locker asking me loudly if I wanted to keep looking at them. It was very embarrassing, but I just kept my mouth shut and walked away from them. There was laughter and jokes but I tried to ignore it and I thought it would go away. The next couple of days in gym class, these same two boys continued to tease me. While I changed clothes at my locker, they would walk past and call me names and ask if I wanted to see their private parts.

One day, one of them pulled his out and suggested that I should perform a sexual act on him. I continued to ignore it silently, but it got harder and harder, and when I tried to tell him to leave me alone, my voice cracked and I had tears in my eyes. I think that was all they needed. They sensed weakness, they sensed that they were getting to me, so they kept it up. I should have told someone, but I was afraid and ashamed. The next time the coach told us to shower, I was very nervous but I tried to just get in and out as quickly as I could. But when I came out of the shower, with my towel wrapped around me, Deon and Jimmy were waiting for me. They blocked my path to my locker, and when I tried to move past them Deon pulled my arm behind my back and whispered to me that if I yelled or cried or called for help that he was going to hurt me.

Well, he was already hurting my arm and I was already scared enough, so I bit my lip and kept quiet. They pushed me into the back corner of the locker room and into a small storage room used for athletic equipment. By now I was crying my eyes out but not making a sound out of fear for what they would do to me. Deon pushed me down to my knees and told me to look at Jimmy and offer oral sex to him. He made me say it three times, and I will never forget the sound of those words coming out of my mouth.

My towel Bullu fallen off, so i was naked and being forced to say these embarrassing things, and they were both laughing. I sobbed my eyes out and I begged them to let me go, but Deon just pulled my arm harder, so I did what they wanted me to do. They made me perform oral sex and they laughed at me the whole time.

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