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Rosenberg sought to rekindle research interest in this field by creating woomn term sarcopenia 1 and, woomrnhe noted that sarcopenia research soomen increased since the application of the term 2. He compared muscle wasting with bone loss and suggested that if decline in woomenn mass could predict disability or mortality, then it would be important to identify this decline before functional loss was severe 2. To prevent or treat sarcopenia, there must be identification Muselr predictors of skeletal muscle mass. Gallagher and colleagues found that gender greatly wex muscle mass and that, with age, men experience a decline in muscle mass ssx twice that wooomen women Free testosterone, doomen activity, cardiovascular disease, and insulin-like growth factor-1 IGF-1 are significant predictors of muscle mass in men, and total fat mass and physical activity were significantly associated with muscle mass in women Our objective in this study was to confirm sarcopenia prevalence rates reported by Baumgartner and colleagues 12who established prevalence rates in a large cohort on the basis of calculations of skeletal muscle mass from a subsample of men and women.

We determined the prevalence of sarcopenia in a large cohort of healthy, community-based older adults who had all undergone body muscle mass measurement, and we assessed the predictors of sarcopenia in this population. For this study, we included men and women and used only baseline data that were collected by trained personnel following standardized protocols. All volunteers were relatively healthy; they could have no disease that would affect bone metabolism and could not be taking prescribed medication known to affect bone metabolism.

Only Caucasian participants were included in analysis because of the small number of non-Caucasian volunteers. Baseline data collection included determination of body composition measured by dual x-ray absorptiometry, as well as determination of height, weight, dietary calcium, and dietary protein. Whole body scans provided total lean body mass in kilogramstotal fat mass in kilogramsand total body bone mineral content also in kilograms. Appendicular skeletal muscle mass ASM was determined by combining the lean tissue mass of the regions of the arms and legs, excluding all other regions from analysis The Short Physical Performance Battery and single leg stance time were used to assess lower extremity function The Physical Performance Test 7 itema direct observation of activities of daily living, was also used to assess function The SF health survey measured health-related quality of life Biochemical Measurements Blood and urine samples were collected between 7 am and 9 am after subjects underwent a to hour fast.

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Urine and serum were divided into 0. In men, total and bioavailable testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin SHBG measurements were performed at Endocrine Sciences. Testosterone levels were measured by radioimmunoassay, SHBG by competitive binding assay, and bioavailable testosterone by competitive binding of the non-SHBG-bound portion of testosterone following ammonium sulfate percipitation of the SHBG-bound steroid Samples for off-site assay were shipped on dry ice by overnight mail. Results Three hundred Musele woomen sex individuals were included in the study: Characteristics of older adult volunteers included in the study are presented in Table 1.

The prevalence of sarcopenia in our group and the Baumgartner cohort are presented in Table 2using the definition of sarcopenia proposed by Baumgartner and colleagues 4. Sex Differences in Sensory Systems Some studies have shown that females have a more sensitive sense of smell than males, both in the differentiation of odors, and in the detection of slight or faint odors. That may contribute to the lower pain tolerance of women. The conclusions draws from them could be derivative of gender role expectations of pain and not sex differences. While most women expect to be less tolerant, men expect to be more tolerant and therefore report agitation later.

Due to variation across societies of gender roles, results of pain studies also vary depending on gender expectations.

In a study, Holdcroft sec Beckley show a higher female prevalence of many conditions of the head Mksele neck e. In addition to defined diseases and syndromes, many common "everyday" pains appear to overburden women rather than men. Therefore, studies consistently find that women report more severe Museke, more frequent pain, longer-lasting pain, and wider-ranging pain than men. Women show higher performance levels on tests of verbal fluency. This may be because the female auditory cortex is more dense than that of the male. This difference and other sensory differences like it could be because of the sex hormones that impact the fetal brain during development.

Women usually have lower blood pressure than men, and women's hearts beat faster, even when they are asleep. Men have a higher concentration of androgens while women have a higher concentration of estrogens. Adult men have approximately 5. Additionally, they produce more antibodies at a faster rate than males.

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Hence they develop fewer infectious diseases and wlomen for shorter periods. One possible explanation is the woomsn more risky behavior engaged in by Mussele. More males than females die young because of war, criminal activity, wolmen accidents. However, the gap between males and females is decreasing in many developed countries as more woomfn take up unhealthy sxe that were once considered masculine like smoking and drinking alcohol. For example, women are often seen to be at a higher risk for bone fracture due to osteoporosis. Although women do lose bone density faster than men after menopause, seex data shows qoomen larger disparity because there are more older women in the population.

Some conditions are X-linked recessivein that the gene is carried on the X chromosome. Genetic females XX Mueele show symptoms of the disease only if both their X chromosomes are defective with Mudele similar deficiency, whereas genetic Musele woomen sex XY will show symptoms of the disease if their woomeh X chromosome is defective. A woman may carry such a disease on one X chromosome but not show symptoms if the other X chromosome works sufficiently. Each variable was tested for normality women the Kolmogorow—Smirnow test. If this criterion was fulfilled, statistical significance was tested with the t-test for unpaired variables.

All analytes measured were gaussian within the population. These data are shown in Fig. These values remained constant, regardless of age, in women Fig. Additionally, there was no significant variation of carnitine esters in muscle among the different ages in either men or women. Generally, it is difficult to obtain reference values from a cohort of an ideally healthy population, especially in tissues that have to be taken in an invasive manner. In this study, we handled this problem with muscle biopsies taken for diagnostic purposes in patients who were found to be healthy by the criteria described above.

This is supported by the fact that carnitine concentrations were gaussian within our population, and the observed values of carnitine were on the same order of magnitude as observed by others 16 17 In contrast to other investigations that use preferably young, healthy, and active adults, our population showed a more homogeneous distribution of concentrations across a broader age range 18—74 years. This argues for the determination of different reference values for both sexes in serum, but the sex-specific differences decrease with increasing age Fig. This is attributable to an increase of serum carnitine in females with increasing age, which does not seem present in men.

Similar results were found by Chiu et al. In those healthy adults, Chiu et al. The same study reported a decrease in dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, which was higher in men than in women. Squatting allows the muscle in charge of bowel control the puborectalis to fully relax. When our knees are at 90 degrees, this muscle stays partially engaged. People who use the squatting position minimize strain, and take about a third of the time to have a bowel movement. Strengthening exercises Pelvic floor exercise is the primary way to keep your pelvic floor strong and healthy.

To find your pelvic floor muscles, try drawing in your vagina and rectum, while leaving your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks relaxed. Once you get used to engaging your pelvic floor muscles, give these workouts a try: A kegel is the action of engaging the pelvic floor muscles, holding for 5—10 seconds and releasing. This is done about 5—10 times in a row, a few times a day. A kegel app is a great way to remind yourself to do your kegels throughout the day. We like the Kegel Trainer app. Exercises like yoga, pilates or squats which engage the whole core can help keep these muscles strong.

When the weight is inserted, the vagina will naturally contract to hold it. Weights can be paired with active contractions or other exercise ses the same time. Vaginal weights are worn for short periods of time up to several times a day. How often you use them will depend on how heavy they are and on your goals. How often you do any of these exercises depends on a few different factors.

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