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They were at first sceptical; Gillespie said: The resulting track, " Loaded ", became the band's first major hit, reaching number 16 on the UK Singles Chart. The album, Screamadelica, was released in late to positive reviews. The supporting tour kicked off in Amsterdamand it included a performance at the Glastonbury festival before coming to an end in Sheffield. Throughout the tour the band and their increasingly large entourage gained notoriety for their large narcotic intake. Some of the tracks had a more American blues rock sound than previously, and displayed a P-Funk influence.

In Marchthe first single from the sut album, " Sream Young slut scream, was released. It sdream the band's highest-charting single Yount date, reaching number seven on the UK charts. Whereas some praised the band's new The Rolling Stones -influenced sound, [8] some dismissed the album as tired and drawing too heavily on their influences. While touring in support of the album, relations within the band began to wear down. The band's American tour, when they supported Depeche Modewas, in the words of manager Alex Nightingale, "the closest we've come to the band splitting up. Gillespie later remarked that he was unsure if the band would continue. Gary "Mani" Mounfieldfresh from the well-publicised break-up of his previous band, The Stone Roseswas added as the band's new bassist, and Paul Mulraney was added as their new drummer.

The arrival of Mani revitalized the group, who were considering disbanding after the failure of Give Out. Some songs on the album were inspired by cult film Vanishing Point ; Gillespie said that they wanted to create an alternative soundtrack for the film. Gillespie described the album as "an anarcho-syndicalist speedfreak road movie record! It received almost positive reviews upon release, Entertainment Weekly calling it a "swirling, hypnotic acid-trip", [12] and Musik saying that "this group's place in the history book of late 20th Century music is assured. The band scheduled a short supporting tour to take place during July. The band had to postpone the dates. This led to speculation that there were problems within the band, and that one of the members may resign.

The initial dates were poorly received, but they eventually hired drummer Darrin Mooney and the gigs improved. Throughout the Vanishing Point tour Primal Scream employed the up-and-coming Asian Dub Foundation as a support act, helping them to break into the mainstream. This notably featured the bands' first collaboration with Kevin Shieldson his remix of the title track.

Later that year, Shields joined the band on tour and would have a major influence on their sound in the next few years. The band were for the most part free of drugs, and their lineup had stabilised. Many of the songs they wrote had overtly political lyrics, Gillespie said the band wished to convey "What it's like to be in Young slut scream in this day and age. The song's overtly political content, Gillespie said it was about "American international terrorism", [15] made it controversial. Nevertheless, it was a hit, charting at No. The political content was well received, with Allmusic calling it a "nasty, fierce realization of an entire world that has Though the political content was not as strong as the previous album, there was a song originally slated for the album entitled "Bomb the Pentagon", which was reworked into the song "Rise" after the 11 September attacks.

Shields produced several tracks, and Andrew Weatherall produced three tracks, his first work with the band since Vanishing Point. The album also featured another guest appearance, Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant. In the double CD album Dirty Hits was released containing the better known works and some previously unheard versions and remixes of those tunes. In JunePrimal Scream played a controversial set at the Glastonbury Festivalthroughout which Gillespie was playfully abusive to the crowd and was alleged to have made Nazi salutes during the song "Swastika Eyes". It certainly fucked you up. It made you have sex with a psychopath. You gave it up. Now, you're no longer a virgin.

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