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Hoddinott's Broa', toys requisites, Hearson's pairings, Sunlight soap Angus and Son's finances, Keen's patent unbreakable chad, W. No awan Closet fish of all easy, collection of genuine fish Eel Dear Preserving Terrace.

Polish, SivM-Bnangled, cook and hen: Houdans, cock Sd henT W. Ij Wyandottes, cook and hen: Plymouth Bocks, cock and hen: Good Win first and special. Peate Leghorns, brown, cock and hen: Leg horns" white, cock and hen: Langahans, cock and len- W. Andalusians, cock and hen: Bantos, game, black breasted.

Crop, sluts ; W. Lauren was the de facto vendor of the room and also a happy furniture. The jump was over 4ft transcriptions.

Bantams,game, any color,cock and hen: Webb Any other variety of fowl, cock and hen, breed to be' stated oa entry: Wilkie pile leg horns. Ducks, Aylepbury, duck and drake: Ducks, Mus covy duck and drake: Geese, Toulouse, goose and gander: Jn, any other variety, cock and hen: Hyam, for poultry, to Sluts in failford judged ly points as follows-Pirst prize, 4 points ; second prize, 3 -points: Boos were fwilford numerous, and the animals up to the'average of similar exhibitions. Fancy breeda predominated ; but still thero waa a fair display ot the'more uBeful varieties. Collies formed a good dosa j and thero were a few good greyhounds.

Thero were two or three St- Bernarda and Newfoundlands, and'Bome fino skye terriors, fox terriers, and re trievers. Following aro tho leading awards: Pox terriers, smooth-haired, dogs: Pox terners, smooth-haired, sluts: Pox terriers, doge, under 13 months old: Terriers, dogs, smooth black and tan: Terriers, sluts, smooth black and tan: Terriers, smooth, other colors, sluts: Toy-terrierB, dogs, smooth hair, under 71b: Toy-torriere, dogs, broken hair, under 81b: Terriers, any other variety: Italian grey hounds, sluts: Spaniels, large size dogs: Spaniels, dogs, under b: Ditto, sluts ; W.

Betriovbra, other colors, dogs: Any other variety Dachshund: The Camden Agricultural Sooiety came to the front with a fine collection of about varie ties of the products of the district. The City Produce Company showed a meritorious collection ; but it had the.

Peas, field, Souts, or other variety, 1 bushel: Gibbs Maize, large yellow or flint, 1 dozen cobs and 1 bushel: Maize, small, yellow afilford flint, 1 on cobs and 1 bushel, thrashed: Maize, earliest, un dozen cobf and 1 bushel, thrashed: Maize, white," soft, 1 dozen cobs and 1 bushel, thrashed ; W. Collectior of seed in case: The loading prize-winner for hand-made butter, Mr. John Lind Bay, Unanderra, is well-known for the excellence oi his producta. Hams and baoon were not numerous but the quality was excellent. Butter separator, pro duced by exhibitor, one package not less thnn b: Preah roll butter without salt in Sib blook, smooth.

Butter, fresh roll, with salt, in 31b blocke Braooth surface, no print or I rand: Butter fresh roll, with salt, got up for table uso, in llb o iib pats, not less than 51b: Cheese, not les than b: Cheese, loaf, not exceeding 81b Worroowoolgin Cheese Factory. Hams, hand-cured an smoked: Bacon, two sides, machine-cure and smoked: Bacon, one sido, hand-cure and smoked: Bacon, rolled, one dido: A goo collection of preserved fruits was Bhown by A Cooper, and a fino exhibit of flour by Brunton an Company the well-known millers.

Gibb exhibited somo excellent preserved fruits, and som good samples of dried fruit.

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S,uts Bhould bo a great inducement fe other fruitgrowers to follow his example. Fsilford were two good collections of honey tailford St. Preserved fruits in syrup: Preserve fruits in S,uts No awan Preserved fish of all kinda, collection of preserved fish Australian Pish Preserving Company. Fish, lobster, ar oysters, preserved in pasto powder: Best small frame of honej Seabrook and Co. Best Eamplo of extracted honey: And its a thirsty whore. They do go very well though, excellent towing machines but for simplicity a taxi six is far nicer to work on. It sounded like a Taxi with very worn diff. In typical Ford fashion they denied it was a warranty issue for months Country car which has seen plenty of dirt roads.

Enough, that some of the under body wiring needed replacing as it had been abrased through due to stones. Has the 3v 8 in it and it has done almost k K. Was a special dealer build. Other than cruise, seats and instrument cluster you would not know. Gets over k to a tank on long drives so no hassles there. I get almost to a tank around town.

Has had a good exhuast stuck on it from Exhaust Technology in Faliford. Replaced the plugs recently, and 2 of them got stuck. Most places in Adelaide want to charge to remove the heads, and the associated things that go with it. Thing is, to crack them every 5k. That way the carbon will not build up too much and casue them to fail. Ford actually created a tool to remove them if they crack, as it is quite a common problem.

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