Ford escort replace head gasket

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1995 Ford Escort changing head gasket

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Pull gently but firmly to get the dash panel out And this is it off This is easy as there is NO prying or clips involved, just about 8 screws.

Then notice 2 more of those screws at the top of the cluster with the heads facing down. Now your cluster is free to move around. Replwce gauge cluster is made gas,et 3 parts. The clear plastic window, the bezel usually blackand the instruments themselves. We need to remove the window and the bezel from the cluster in order to remove the cluster from the car. Start by remove the 2 gold 6mm torx screws from the bottom of the cluster 9. Now tilt the top of the cluster forward and pull the cluster out a bit so that you have clear access to the 3 screws at the top of the cluster. These screws are also 6mm gold torx screws and are located about halfway back from the front of the cluster.

You do NOT need to remove the gold screws at the top of the cluster on the front. These merely hold the window on. Then undo those screws and remove the window, and follow this backwards to put it back together again. After the 3 screws at the top of the cluster towards the back are removed, the front half of the cluster will come right off. Now all you have left are the gauges themselves. Pull them forward and turn the cluster as far sideways as you can. Remove all three 3 plugs form the cluster.

The black one if the speedometer.

The way the wires are twisted will make it easy to tell what goes where when plugging the new cluster in. The plugs are all removed and you have more than enough room to remove the cluster. Take it out and get the new one ready. Now this is to swap the speedometer itself to the cluster with the TACH. Its easier this way so to keep your speedometer exact and not have to mess with them since they are very sensative. Unscrew the gold screws and take off the Clear cover - Unscrew the gold screws for the Black bezel piece to get to the Guages Take a flathead screw driver and gently pop the Speedometer like the picture below.

I was going to swap all the guages, when I realized that the cluster without the Tach was missing the connections, so instead of swapping the Tach and Fuel gauge over, all that was needed to do was swap the Speedometer. And it will look like this when you pop out the Speedometer. Once the guages are swapped, then put everything back in reverse order, being very gentle when pressing the guages in so as not to damage them. Plug the new one back in. The black plug goes in the middle. The other 2 plugs should be easy to figure out based on the natural angle and bend of the wires. Seat your front half of your gauge cluster the bezel and window back onto the cluster.

Screw it back together with the 5 gold 6mm torx screws you have. Screw the 7mm screws back in 2 top, to bottom. Now place the dash back over everything. Also, the radiator or engine coolant reservoir may have a gurgling sound, the presence engine oil, or smell of combustion.

Escort head gasket replace Ford

And the check replacw light will come on. The coolant being burned in the engine will produce white exhaust that smells sweet, like engine coolant. When the head gasket fails completely, the engine will overheat within minutes of starting, will stall and then Forrd restart. Can I drive with a head escotr problem? Driving with a bad head gasket is hazardous to the engine, and may even be impossible. A failing head gasket typically will lead to your engine overheating and will eventually ruin the engine block, cylinder head, or both.

A car with a blown or leaking head gasket should both be towed to a repair facility. How often do head gaskets need to be replaced? Head gaskets can fail at any time, but they typically last at leastmiles, especially if the oil and coolant are properly maintained. In order to keep the gasket in good condition, dirty or contaminated fluids should be replaced on schedule, and the engine must run at the proper temperature.

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This is the best way to help prevent head gasket failure, along with avoiding aggressive driving. How are head gasket issues diagnosed? In general, there are a few signs that will point to head gasket failure.

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