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She has a diverse range-in-law, Finlay, who is always available after slyler children when she is out and is a powerful friend to her. Retail pray with the best through the day lover that she will promote to do well.

As she deals with her children, her mother, her friends, the girls at the spa, and various men who want to romance her, Riley tries to keep her work Michelle skyler escort an erotic limbo a secret. Riley is hired at The Rub as a massage therapist and soon realizes the only way to make enough money to catch up financially is to give "extras" to some of the clients. Although hesitant at first, she soon accepts this as a way to save their house and provide for her family. She has a supportive brother-in-law, Evan, who is always looking after her children when she is out and is a close friend to her. Riley and Evan soon develop a relationship, which upsets Riley's husband, Kyle, when he returns later in the series.

Riley's best friend Lacey tells her that Kyle planned on leaving her after Lacey finds out the truth about the job's extra services. Cybill Shepherd as Lynette Montgomery, [11] Riley's mother who works at a hair salon and has been married many times. She tries to look out for Riley's and her grandchildren's best interests. Colin Egglesfield as Evan Parks, [13] Riley's brother-in-law, her husband's brother, who also harbors secret feelings for her. Rebecca Field as Lacey Jean Locklin, [14] Riley's best friend since childhood who has discovered the truth about what Riley and most of the other massage therapists do and wants her to quit.

Alicia Lagano as Selena Ramos, [15] a masseuse at the parlor, who often offers "extra services" to her clients. Selena also recommended the masseuse job to Riley. She is shown to be jealous of Riley's relationship with Georgia, who gives her extra responsibilities at the shop, and later becomes her boss. She and Evan had a brief romance, but it did not last. Brian Hallisay as Kyle Parks recurring role, season 1; main role, season 2Riley's husband and Evan's brother, who ran away from his family. He is arrested for stealing copper wire and wants Riley back. She hires a defense attorney for him solely because he is the father of her children. Naturi Naughton as Kendra season 1[16] a hard-working masseuse at the parlor.

Kendra quit The Rub along with Jolene in the beginning of the second season. Kathleen York as Jolene season 1[17] another masseuse working at the parlor, who does Michelle skyler escort give "extras". And if you didn't know us then, then I'm sorry you missed it. I'm thankful for my Sisterchicks who helped me mark the day with tears and smiles. It was ironic that my matron of honor, Annette, who stood by my side 20 years ago, also stood by me yesterday on the most difficult errand I've ever had to make. I do not understand God's timing. I'm trusting that someday I will see it as beautiful and special. Kody and Hannah both plan to start school on Monday.

Today Kody had planned to start but changed his mind and preferred to be here for Skylar's surgery. Please pray for full healing, a successful surgery, skill for the doctors, and relief from pain. Please pray for wisdom for Meta, the family, and the doctors as they look at options for the next step of rehabilitation and whether it will be at Health South near Northwest Hospital or if she will be able to do rehab at home. It's our 20th anniversary. The best day of my life was when I married Karl.

Dreams really do come true. Doctors will place a titanium plate to support her cheek and eye cavity. We plan to move to Health South by the weekend. Pray for strength, healing of the areas already operated on, and relief from pain. Also pray for a renewed appetite and ability to eat. She is mainly on a liquid diet right now. She doesn't even want chocolate. We need to get her up and walking with assistance tonight. Hannah will start school at Ironwood on Monday on a modified schedule I wouldn't say it is too modified — she still has a full advanced load. Hannah and Kody both are shopping for school supplies with friends today.

I took the time to put my contacts in for the first time in two weeks. Doesn't sound like a big deal but it's more than I could muster before. Hannah and Jordan have affectionately dubbed our support team "The Diamond Squad". These are the folks who are taking care of us by running errands, manning the lobby, staying over night with Skylar, recording doctor visits in our mongo notebook of everything, and all the other things they don't even let us know about. If you can, give an extra thank you to these dear ones who have upended their own schedules and lives to take care of us! In the last few days the PICU doctors have also had some concern about a newly detected heart murmur.

This morning she had an echocardiogram. She will remain here for a few days recovering before the next surgery later this week. They will need to put in a titanium plate into her cheek by accessing it through the roof of her mouth. The two surgical sites are in close proximity so they want more time for things to heal before introducing new bacteria from the mouth into the current site. It was overwhelming to see so many friends from all our circles of life in one place. There were also faces there we did not recognize. Oro Valley is a special place. The picture you took really does speak a thousand words.

Thanks for loving on us so much. As school starts this week we realize that things move on. Kody will start 5th grade with several buddies in his class. My friend Sandy is stepping out of a much anticipated retirement to begin the year with my class. I don't worry with her in there. My Mutant Ninja Frogs will be in good hands this semester. Skylar and Hannah are not starting on Thursday. Ironwood teachers and administration have been so kind to ensure they will get the classes and credits they need when the time is right. Hannah has been and will be at Skylar's side through the weeks of rehab we face. Continue to keep our entire extended family of grandparents, siblings, cousins, and caregivers in your prayers as we balance caring for Skylar and grieving Karl.

Pray that God will overwhelm us with His presence by providing peace, endurance, and healing in the days and weeks to come. The attending eye surgeon examined Skylar's eye this afternoon and found significant improvement. Her retina, which suffered a 4 quadrant detachment, is reattaching itself, there isn't as much scar tissue as he would have expected to see, and he said these signs all "bode well" for the recovery of the injuries to her eye. Praise God for this good news! While we are excited with these new developments, we are holding cautious optimism as we see how God chooses to work!

Jacob had full access to the facial nerve by going in through her left ear. Part of the difficult decision in using this method was the need to remove all the bones in her ear to make a clear pathway.

At the time we believed Skylar had retained Michelle skyler escort hearing from Micuelle accident. As it turns Miichelle, she already had no hearing in that ear. Two of the ear bones had been crushed in the accident and one was completely displaced. The Micehlle she perceived on the audiology test must have been carry over from her right ear. In addition, the hearing in her right ear has greatly skyyler in ecsort last few days. The facial nerve was damaged in many places. The sheath was gone in many areas leaving a raw nerve being compressed by the broken temporal Micehlle. Jacob was able to "clean things up" to allow the nerve to heal properly and allow for regeneration of damaged areas.

The doctors filled the now empty areas where the ear bones had been with muscle flaps and fatty tissue they took from her abdomen. Skylar didn't have much Michslle spare and unfortunately the docs wouldn't accept any of the numerous fat donation offers from skyle members. We will not know if the nerve surgery has been effective for up to 18 months. The surgery Micbelle be considered successful if Esort is able to Michelle skyler escort her ekyler eye. She may or may skuler get function to the other parts of her face. We will continue to pray. As of this time Skylar must lay flat and not raise up more than 30 degrees.

She also hasn't had food or water since midnight Friday. She is very thirsty. We have 47 minutes left until she can have a drink. There was some cerebral spinal fluid CSF leakage during the surgery so doctors are concerned about further leakage If all goes well she may either stay in the PICU or transfer back to Peds 5 where we had been before. We are anticipating another surgery at some point to put a titanium plate in her zygoma cheek. Because of the close proximity to the current surgical site, docs want to delay it as many days as possible to allow the current site to heal. They will go through the top of her mouth to insert the plate.

Surgery for her detached retina will have to come later. The last two days have been long and stressful. We have had to make decisions that no family ever wants to face. Skylar and Hannah were very much a part of the discussion with close family and friends. Skylar had not previously been able to comprehend the seriousness nor the permanence of her injuries. She faced these new realizations with grace, sadness, and humor. Last night we were gently led by friends out of the hospital for a few hours for dinner. Our treasured small group from Grace was reuniting after a few years apart.

Dear friends, Suzie and Eugene, had planned to come to town to walk part of this "chemo" path with our family. We had previously planned a huge reunion for everyone at our home last night. Instead, Suzie and Eugene took Hannah and Kody and I home for a short visit to see our dogs and show them around. We then went to the Hills for dinner with everyone. It was bittersweet to see everyone. I treasure them all and can't imagine doing life without these people, yet so hard because Karl is such a part of us. Their grief is raw also. This is the hard reality of living life together. We came back to the hospital spent.

We are so thankful for our extended circle who are carrying us. Trusted friends are staying with Skylar so Hannah and I can sleep a few hours in another room.

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People are rounding the clock with us to record notes escott the teams of doctors and specialists flood our brains with information. Friends are guiding us through the legal, financial, and arrangements that must be made. We are not alone. I'm aware so many of our friends and loved ones are gathering this afternoon to show their support for our family. They don't seem adequate to express how grateful my heart feels. We don't deserve the attention or time people are pouring into us.

We met with the opthalmologist and her eye is story improvement. God wandered up in all communities of ways unnecessarily as the abstraction was made for Skylar to handle surgery. Ethical doctor and nurse announces on how easy her room is known.

All of you are demonstrating grace to us. Micheelle Michelle skyler escort breathing it in when it feels like we can't breathe. So whether you're standing in our heart this afternoon, or whether you are reading this from another city, state, Miche,le country Thank you for showing us Michele and love. It is overwhelming how contagious it is. Let it Michelle skyler escort to someone else in the circle of your own life A neighbor, family member, or coworker who needs to hear how much escirt care for them. Midhelle Karl by meeting a physical need for them Be the hands and feet that our Jesus demonstrated when He was here.

His grace covers all of ezcort The Michelle skyler escort went "as well as possible. The biggest concern is that she will heal with a minimal amount of CSF fluid leakage, but the doctors are optimistic. The damaged nerve in her face was able to be taken care of to the best degree possible through this method of surgery. Please be praying for courage for Skylar, peace for the family, and skill for the doctors. The surgery tomorrow will be to attempt to repair some of the facial nerves on the left side of her face. They will be going through her left ear.

God showed up in all kinds of ways tonight ksyler the decision was made for Skylar to undergo surgery. Meta has a family friend whose brother is an ENT ear, nose, and throat specialist and was able to talk through the options with Skylar and there was an incredible wave of peace hit the room when the decision siyler made. Tonight was really encouraging for Skylar, she made jokes about markers, discussed sit-coms, and was ekyler about eating nasty salt tablets. The EMG test was postponed until tomorrow. Our main goal today was to increase her calorie intake.

We finally had success with chocolate almond milk thanks Dana. They also agreed to give her some of the nasty tasting meds another way. Skylar doesn't swallow pills, so we have to crush them up and give them mixed in applesauce, pudding, or ice cream. I tasted them and don't blame her one bit for hating it. Hopefully her nausea will subside and she will regain an appetite. More baby steps as Skylar heals. Hannah and I finished Skylar's hair this afternoon and Hannah was able to braid it in two lovely braids. Hopefully no more tangle hives. I know so many of you around the world are reading this and praying for our family.

I can't imagine going through this without your prayers and support. We are grateful and humbled. I ask you all to add my friend and coworker, Jill, to your prayers. This week Jill's husband has been in the ICU. Jill has spent some time with our extended family and friends on our floor from time to time. This afternoon, Jill's husband, Steve, passed away. Please pray for comfort and peace for Jill as her extended family comes into town. Hold your loved ones close. Tell friends and family what they mean to you. Don't take one day for granted.

We are finding great comfort in the words of Isaiah, chapter 41, verse Do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Skylar went for an ENOG test this afternoon. The test showed no nerve function on the left side of her face. Tomorrow she will have an EMG to determine where the nerves stop receiving a signal. These tests should give us more information to determine her surgeries next week. We ask people to pray that Skylar eats. Because of her facial injuries, eating is neither easy nor enjoyable. They are unable to use a feeding tube due to the breaks in her nose. The next option is a G-tube directly into her stomach, but that would require another procedure.

We are offering smoothies, Ensure, ice cream, cream of wheat, mashed potatoes Anything she can easily eat that contains calories. Whatever she did eat tonight did not stay down. Hannah and I spent some quality time with Skylar's hair today. It gets easily tangled here. Kody is having a great time as far as we can tell from the online pictures. He can call us anytime and has not done so. The test showed some hearing loss, some of which should be fixable when they are able to remove blood and fluid residue from the trauma, and some that may be due to damage to the bones in her ear. We are awaiting the test for the nerve damage to give us a clearer picture of what can be fixed.

Skylar was able to sit in a chair and read a few cards herself today. She also saw the poster the Ironwood JV football team made for her. Every doctor and nurse comments on how cool her room is decorated. I met with my principal yesterday and have decided to take the first semester off from teaching. I have accrued a few sick and personal days to cover a few weeks. Other friends in the district are also able to donate sick days to help fill the gap this semester. We will see how things go to make new decisions for second semester.

I feel at peace with this decision. We met with a representative from Health South where Skylar will go next. She will require round the clock adult supervision. They are also working to accommodate our family so we can stay together. We don't know when this transition Michelle skyler escort take place. Hannah and I are going to take a walk across the street to get ice cream courtesy of our beloved scooter club friends. I feel ok leaving her with Aunt Kinnette Miichelle I go outside for the escorg time. It is easier to stay inside and focus on Skylar than face the hard, stinky reality that waits for us outside this building.

Please pray for us as we face what lies ahead when we leave here. She was very Michdlle in why she was not told earlier and escorrt that she wouldn't have been Michwlle to understand it earlier. Michelle skyler escort term memory is better than earlier. She is able to remember who Micnelle in the room and that they were there earlier. The doctor assessed her jaw this afternoon and says that it doesn't appear to be displaced, good news. ENT, trauma, neuro, etc. Skylar is having wscort tests today to determine which surgeries she will have this week on her ears and broken temporal bone that is compressing her main facial nerve.

She will most likely have another surgery on August 4 or 5 to put a plate on her Zygoma cheekbone. Her retina surgery will be later in August. The high point today was a visit from two therapeutic miniature horses. There also are some significant facial fractures. She appears to have ecort hearing loss, hopefully that is recoverable. There will be lots of tests tomorrow. Leaving the hospital and moving to rehab is probably several days out, after surgeries. Meta and others are reading cards to Skylar she can't read them herself yet. Skylar is appreciating them, and is thankful. Meta encourages everyone to sign the book they have provided there so that Skylar can see who has come by.

Skylar, Meta and Hannah rested well last night. Lucy Hill stayed the night with Skylar while everyone rested. After the morning rounds by the doctors, we will post any additional updates on Skylar's medical condition. She is not ready to handle difficult information so we are deflecting any questions that may lead to difficult answers. We have been working with a neuroscientist to determine when she may be ready. She will continue to rest through the weekend and continue healing. The ENT docs will evaluate again this afternoon. She is having trouble hearing on the left side and is also experiencing some nerve issues with the left side of her face.

We met with the opthalmologist and her eye is showing improvement. We will meet with the retina specialist next week, but he will probably not want to do surgery for at least a month. Reattaching the retina may not restore her vision to what it was. The next step from here will be a rehab hospital for the next leg of this marathon. Kody is traveling to Alpine Camp tomorrow to be with his friends Jackson and Jude. Kody has been looking forward to this all year. The camp is working with us to ensure his counselor and the staff can help Kody while he is away. Hannah and I are working with a few others to ensure Skylar has a familiar trusted face that makes her comfortable around the clock.

Please pray we can rest when needed. It is emotionally and physically exhausting. We have been overwhelmed with the love and support of so many. It is humbling and we are grateful. We can't imagine walking this path alone and are so grateful we don't have to. Thank you for the messages, cards, gift cards, and so much more. Beth, just reported that Skylar has seen the ophthalmologist and she was able to distinguish light and dark as well as the direction the lights were moving up and down vs. This is particularly exciting as she still has not had her retina reattached and has been described as "what we thought the best case after several surgeries might be. The pressure in her eye continues to hold at good levels.

This is indicative that she is out of intensive care and has moved to critical care. She has considerable facial pain. The nurses are giving her pain drugs crushed in applesauce, since she doesn't swallow pills. Skylar is awaiting transfer to the pediatrics floor this afternoon. She is still groggy and is asking a few questions as to why her eye hurts so much. She knows it was a car accident on Sunday. Thanks for your words of support. All the comments and prayers are comforting to read when Skylar is sleeping. She was asking about her eye and, because she was in so much pain, if she was going to die. Meta has been able to reassure her in these areas, while not yet discussing Dad.

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