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In RM, the insertion replaces a bp fragment between two HpaI sites in the ie2 promoter Frree addition, RM carries a spontaneous nucleotide deletion in the sgg1 gene. For in vivo assays, salivary gland-passaged MCMV was used. Adting vaccinia virus strain WR and herpes simplex virus type 1 used in these studies were initially obtained from Persephone Burrow and Pietro Sanna The Scripps Research Instituterespectively. Further dilutions were made in DMEM supplemented with charcoal resin-treated serum before use, except in the experiments shown in Fig. For animal treatments, retinoids were prepared as a suspension in corn oil 50 mg of ATRA per kg of body weight and 25 mg of AGN per kg immediately before use.

Note that any real conviction within the last year years will disqualify you from dating for this position. University Monitoring Rebate, Activated, 4' Outcry Vascular Systems Div.

Control animals received the corn oil alone. All retinoids were handled under subdued lighting. Every unit delivered must be guaranteed against 29713 material and workmanship. If faulty, the unit or part affected is to be replaced without any cost to the State. Where applicable, every unit delivered must be guaranteed as to sterility and against loss of sterility in transit irvvine storage. Failure to submit these reports may result in disqualification of your firm for future contracts. Additional forms available upon request. Contractors should note that the following State agencies are the major users of the products listed herein.

This means that State agencies can purchase product s from sources other than the contractor provided that such product s are substantially similar in function, form or utility to the product s herein and are: Agencies are reminded that they must provide the State contractor an opportunity to match the non-contract savings at least two business days prior to purchase. Products referenced for ensuing contract award will take into consideration sales to New York State agencies during the last two contract periods. Where reports from the Office of State Comptroller and vendor's quarterly reports of contract purchase show no activity, or, if vendor failed to file reports as required by contract, the State reserves the right to withhold awarding of a contract for ensuing contract period.

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Consideration will be given for ensuing contract periods, the products of manufacturers for which State agencies have satisfactorily indicated a genuine requirement to the Office of General Services, Division of Purchase. When orders iirvine placed at other than the lowest price available for equipment required, the ordering agency should be in a position to justify such oders. The justification may, where appropriate, be based on such consideration as, but not confined to, differences in performance characteristics, compatibility with existing systems, selection to meet a specific requirement, and time of delivery. Please take a moment to answer this survey. If possible, please distribute the survey directly to the end users for comments.

Your response will enable this office to update term contracts and thereby serve your needs more effectively. Please check the areas listed and comment where necessary.

The items listed are adequate for your agency's needs: Your agency would prefer some items to be dropped from datijg contract: If yes, eex identify the items and item numbers: If yes, please list: Any additional comments or suggestions on the format of this contract may be addressed here as well. May 23, Title: Anticoaqulation and Aspiration Unit, packed 20 per carton. Blood Cardioplegia Delivery Set, packed four 4 per case. High Speed Cell Saver Pack, packed eight 8 per carton. High Performance Hemoconcentrator 0.

Packed four 4 per box. Price optional, for Agency option only: Membrane Lung Oxygenator, variable prime with integral filter. Packed two 2 per case. Membrane Oxygen System, open system with integral filter. Stopcock, Four-way, Clear male leur lock. Pressure Monitoring Line, Clear, 5' Pressure Monitoring Line, Clear, 2' Pressure Monitoring Line, Clear, 4' Pressure Monitoring Line, clear, 6' Pressure Monitoring, line clear, 1' Additional Cobe Profusion Products as follows: Pending completion of agency evaluation and start of production run. Item Estimated Price Mfr. Any request by the agency or contractor regarding changes in any part of the contract must be made in writing to the Office of General Services, Division of Purchasing, prior to effectuation.

Payments cannot be processed by State facilities until the contract items have been delivered in satisfactory condition. Payment will be based on any invoice used in the supplier's normal course of business, however, such invoice must contain sufficient data including but not limited to Contract No. State facilities are required to forward properly completed vouchers to the Office of the State Comptroller for audit and payment. All facilities are urged to process every completed voucher expeditiously giving particular attention to those involving cash discounts. You'll manage their complete banking relationship across the company, utilizing a proactive and disciplined approach to generate growth in their balances.

You'll help acquire new clients by actively soliciting referrals and developing internal and external sources. You'll be the clients' personal advocate at Chase, adding value to the relationship by. As such, an employment offer for this position is contingent on JPMC's review of your criminal conviction history, credit report, information available through NMLS, and any other information relevant to a determination by JPMC that you demonstrate financial responsibility, good character, and general fitness for the position. Note that any felony conviction within the last seven years will disqualify you from consideration for this position.

As such, upon active employment with JPMorgan Chase, you will be required to either register on NMLS, or to update your existing registration as necessary to grant access to and reflect your employment with JPMorgan Chase.

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