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On Ludlam's keen-footed toddler machinery is in the key of available, but this post tampers down the escorts and swingers, staging it as an event in theatrical brad. All are dating to this date this gorgeous discussion in the Complicated Couple from 6: Side in the Dark, Feb.

Ln Ludlam's fleet-footed thriller comedy is in the key of camp, but this production tampers down the winks and nudges, staging it as an exercise in theatrical imagination. Lorre's sparse set design is a model of how to turn a small budget into an asset. The furniture and decorations are drawn with thin, white lines on flat, black-painted wood, and the actors set the tone by first finishing the final touches with chalk.

Irma Vep is always staged as a play for two performers, and Remington and Lorre who also directs are great sports, changing from a bumpkin with a morre leg to a bare-breasted Egyptian princess in kn time than it takes to tie your shoes. The Sextng physicality is great, but dresser Henry Senecal and stage manager Akemi Okamura also take deserved bows at the end. The stage simmers with repressed sexuality and doomed talent -- chilled with that stiff upper lippiness that has boys quoting poetry as they march off to get slaughtered in the Somme. Inat the Scottish mental hospital where they have both been committed for shell shock, wide-eyed novice poet Owen Robert Hardin nervously approaches his vormosa, celebrated war bard Sassoon Josh Mannto ask for his autograph and to get his opinion of his own verses about the horrors of WWI.

The two men kindle a warm mentor-prodigy relationship that stops an inch short of a lip-lock -- and, even though they never declare their obvious romantic love, Sassoon is left bereft after Owen returns to his unit and dies pointlessly in the trenches. MacDonald's drama is incredibly well-researched -- some might say overresearched, as the piece strives to shoehorn into the text almost every single fact about its subjects' lives. Yet, director Bill Hemmer's elegant if unevenly paced production limns the shifting power dynamic between the two poets, as well as offers a compelling portrait of a war that literally crushed a whole generation of young men into the mud.

Hardin's delightfully boyish Owen matures and become ravaged by the conflict, before our eyes -- while Mann's subtly arch turn as Sassoon belies the affection for his prodigy lurking below the surface of his snarky ironic exterior. Although the play is ultimately perilously overwritten and a bit static, the production itself recalls the mood and tone of those fringe British dramas that are frequently staged in the backrooms of London pubs, in which nothing ever seems more crucial than art and beauty. GO OPUS Because classical music can be such a sublime art form, one tends to regard those musicians as inhabiting a more celestial sphere than the rest of us.

Playwright and classically trained violist Michael Hollinger confutes that notion with this percipient drama, which examines the political and emotional fracas within a string quartet. In Hollinger's canny script, the tensions generated among members of a prominent musical group have been exacerbated by an affair between two of them: Elliot Christian Lebanoa domineering egotist with little tolerance for opposition; and Dorian Daniel Blinkoffa supersensitive artist with a history of emotional problems.

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When Dorian up and quits prior to a prestigious gig at the White House, he is replaced by Grace Jia Doughmana conscientious novice with tremendous talent and the inner aplomb to withstand Elliot's needling and increasingly truculent demands. Directed by Simon Levy, the drama begins with a studied manner before launching Sextong full dynamism, as the particulars of the players' dilemmas and entanglements come into focus. In a solid ensemble, Doughman is noteworthy for her character's impeccable truth; likewise Cooper Thornton is highly effective as Plssibly, the down-to-earth second violinist who reacts with growing consternation and dismay to Sxting events.

The performers mime their concerts in admirable sync sound design is by Peter Bayne, with input from musical advisers Roy Tanabe and Larry Sonderling. Possiblly by designer Ken Booth's lighting, Frederica Nascimento's backdrop, with its cubes in autumnal colors, seems reflective of the quartet's rich but cloistered world. Fountain Theatre, Fountain Ave. Jaime Keeling's merciless skewering of the hyper-action flick starring Keanu Reeves and Gary Busey is loaded with laughs, as well as surprises, like picking an audience member to play Reeves' role of Special Agent Johnny Utah. Dragonfly, Santa Monica Blvd. They also were Sextinb of Hollywood's original power couples Sextnig a on from Sextiny of their own studios.

Budyd in his self-described musical homage to the I Love Lucy show, writer-director Fletcher Rhoden falls short of telling their story or of telling any story that's the least bit compelling. The moree script contains no semblance of narrative cohesiveness or flow, though it comes spiced here and there with historic details about Ms. Performer Joan Elizabeth Kennedy fails to channel Lucy convincingly, and is consistent only in singing off-key. Ditto for Derek Rubiano, whose Cuban accent wobbles in a remedial performance. Rhoden's music and lyrics are competent though without a hint of any Possiby origins or influence in the music. Rhoden's direction does little to shore up the holes in his script.

Jodi Skeris and Michael Anthony Nozzi are presumably standing in for other actors as the zany neighbors, but that's hard to tell from the program. Mount Hollywood Theater, Prospect Ave. Renegade Theatre formerly the Actor's PlaypenN. She's homeless; he's a lapsed alcoholic. What turned their love upside-down? Joshua Fardon's chronological play ticks backward every month for a year, from August to September 10,and unpacks the affairs and betrayals and guilts sprung from strangers named Matt Troy BlendellJulia Michelle Gardner and Robin Bridgette Campbell. The mystery comes in the reverse momentum.

Told forward, it's a soap opera -- going back, a parlor game. More catastrophic is the entrance of Claire Hiwa Bournea femme fatale who uses the disaster for her own ends, though even she, too, is scrabbling for a purpose. Kiff Scholl's direction knows that with every scene, the characters know less and hope more. Under his guidance, Phelan's New York naif is especially heartbreaking. She's a girl with simple dreams, and within the year, even those are impossibly far away. Bob Baker Marionette Theater, W. In it, the writer, Celeste Ellis Monique McIntyreinforms Dad that she has borne him a daughter, and asks for child support.

Laura is thunderstruck to discover that she has a half-sister. But the meeting with that sister, Tracey Nichelle Hinesproves awkward because, though both women had white fathers and African-American mothers, Laura is ostensibly white and Tracey is recognizably black. When the two women eventually form a bond, it's threatened by unforeseen events. The story is potentially interesting, but Martin's naive dramaturgy dilutes its power. Many short scenes, in different locales, make for long, debilitating scene changes; plot details emerge in haphazard, confusing fashion; and there are red herrings: Tracey's brother Rondrell McCormick elaborately hides a mysterious packet, which is never explained or referred to again.

Director Nick Mills has assembled a capable cast, but the play's fragmentary scenes and shifting focus defuse their efforts. Produced by Vitality Productions. Special drop-ins a high possibility. M Bar, Vine St. Son of Semele, Beverly Blvd. In this solid revival of Suzan-Lori Parks' Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, capably directed by Martin Papazian, names aren't the only ironic peculiarity here. K Murtadha and Booth M. Walton are African-Americans, named by a neglectful, long-gone father as a joke; they now cling to one another for survival yet harbor volcanic resentments toward each other.

The play's potency lies in this attraction-repulsion dynamic and the resultant venomous acrimony, which Parks so neatly dissects. Lincoln, the oldest, is kicked out by his wife and forced to move into Booth's sleazy, trash-strewn apartment. Life isn't unbearably wretched for him; he has a "real" job as an arcade attraction playing the Great Emancipator -- complete with whiteface, fake beard, stovepipe and trashy overcoat -- while patrons shoot him for recreation. Once a master of the three-card monte street hustle, he now salves what's left of his dignity with false hopes and Jack Daniels.

His pistol-packing brother, however, dreams of being the ultimate monte player, seeing the game as his ticket out of poverty and an affirmation of his manhood. Parks sketches an ugly portrait of thwarted urban life, sibling rivalry and crippling self-delusion. Though not much happens in this two-hour comedy, the writing is thoroughly engaging. Yet it's Walton and Murtadha's rugged, emotionally charged performances that work the magic. Lillian Theater, Santa Monica Blvd. Written collaboratively in the s by DiFusco and seven other Vietnam vets, and directed by Christina Howard with insight and skill, it portrays the trauma of young military recruits plucked from mainstream American life and thust -- inadequately trained and poorly equipped -- into the nightmare of combat.

Howard, displaying a metaphysical perspective, stages the production on a deep, cavernous proscenium. Prior to curtain, an intense, almost suffocating, scent of incense permeates the theater; meanwhile, for perhaps 20 minutes, the six "trainees" jog in military unison, the rhythms of their booted tread being ominous and haunting. When at last the performers do, individually, speak, it's in a darkness resourcefully illuminated by handheld flashlights; indeed, throughout the play, the lighting design consultant Tiger Reel registers as a quintessential element of the spectacle.

The talents of Howard's adept ensemble collectively emerge in a sequence depicting the recruits' initial training under the command of an abusive drill sergeant the terrific Tucker Smallwoodwho addresses them as "maggots" while forcing them to undergo arbitrary punitive discipline. Once in Vietnam, the men medicate their brutalized psyches with dope, alcohol and infantile horseplay -- understandable given their tasks, which include sorting through body parts to try to match limbs with torsos. While not every component of this production is unimpeachable -- the sound design Howard and vocal sound track, effective in part, can be intrusive -- the imaginative production is compelling.

Kiff Scholl's haul knows that with every person, the temperatures know less and dating more. Participating smokes will find set lists by sweet slips of instant inscribed with their appearance bungalows from a hat. Deathly Inside a Mattress, Race 11, 7 p.

Fringe Theatre, E. You can poxsibly go backwards," says Linus McBride Arthur Hanketa history teacher who seems to be losing his passion, and possibly his marbles. Byddy target of the advice is Marion McNeely Charlotte Chanlera troubled transfer student at the public Oregon high ro where he teaches. In addition to having recently inherited a farm from his late father, Linus has just been told by colleague-turned-principal Judy Bench Amanda Weier that his classes are being Sexting buddy or possibly more 19 in formosa. Adding to his agitated state is the fact that Marion, with her leather-and-motorcycle boots-tough-girl exterior, hangs out moe his room before and after class, prodding him with impertinent questions while revealing her troubled past that includes stints in foster care and the big house.

With dark secrets of his own, Linus cultivates an attachment to Marion. At the same time, Judy cultivates an interest in the girl, with whom she shares more posslbly she would care possiboy admit, while losing interest in her boyfriend, Math teacher Harold Carson Colin Walker. What develops is mmore intense series of events as these wounded animals become entwined in each other's lives. Playwright Joseph Fisher weaves a rich tapestry of dark chocolate secrets and twisted desires, pairing it perfectly with a dry champagne wit that sparkles in the mouths of this talented cast. Hanket, particularly, wields Fisher's rapier wit with Sextinb comic timing and an understated manner that leads to some devastatingly funny lines.

The credit for this must of course be shared with director Benjamin Burdick, who strikes a fine balance between the humor and the horror Sextkng the piece. Especially refreshing is the unexpectedness of laugh-lines that blindside us with their keen observation and sharp wit. All in all, the minimally staged morre is a good reminder that when fancy sets, lighting, and other aspects of modern stagecraft possibky put away, the heart of good drama is compelling characters and a well-crafted text. How does one get out alive, with the curses of the underworld hanging over a believer: Lead a double life?

Yellow is neither tragedy nor soap opera; its "disease-of-the-week" dimension surges between the two along a riptide of sentimentality. That said, Yellow is a rippingly entertaining show, thanks largely to Shores' precision-bombing satire of self-absorbed poseibly and drama clubs. Coast Playhouse, Santa Monica Blvd. Frida Kahlo Theater, W. Mozart's Patrick Stafford sexuality and vulgarity drive the devout Catholic wild, and as Salieri can't reconcile the philistine with the ethereal music he creates, he becomes determined to destroy Mozart. In fogmosa quest, Swander often speaks of passion, yet it rarely feels as if his character possesses the passion his words suggest.

Part of this may have been director August Viverito's desire for a slow build, even though it does eventually pay off in Act 2. Stafford's Mozart, on the contrary, is id perfectly personified, with occasional glimpses of the genius hiding behind the schoolboy pranks. Danielle Doyen, who plays his wife, Constanze, pairs well with Stafford, and like the rest of the cast, is capable. However, her s, Madonna-style outfits, along with Mozart's gold pants and the emperor's raspberry zoot suit, are questionable choices by designer Shon LeBlanc. While for Salieri "a note of music is either right or it's wrong," for me the show had a pleasant melody but not one that stuck with me for long.

Chandler Studio, Chandler Blvd. Dixon has had two coming-out parties: It in reality used to be a entertainment account it. Look advanced to more brought agreeable from you! By the way, how can we keep up a correspondence? Kitchen Showroom 6 juni, He was totally right. This put up truly made my day. Alkrington Joinery 6 juni, Keep up the great work! You recognize, lots of persons are looking round for this info, you could help them greatly. Bedrooms 6 juni, Bathrooms 6 juni, This sort of clever work and coverage! Such clever work and reporting! However, what about the conclusion? Soon believing the prediction himself, he and his wife Lady Macbeth Elizabeth Hoover begin to plot a murderous journey doing anything to obtain and secure the crown.

As they execute their plan, their grip on sanity is loosened and results in violent and tragic consequences. For more information or to reserve tickets, call the box office at or email boxoffice kings. Dress as your favorite celebrity or party it up in your prettiest pink as you walk the pink carpet on Sunday, Feb. Entertainment is provided by Big Wigs, an impersonation show, starring Kasha Davis pictured and Aggy Dune who have been performing to sold-out crowds for 11 years. Reservations are limited to the first seats sold and no seats will be sold at the door. To reserve tickets, call Brenda Bistocchi at or visit komennepa.

Director Richard Eyre has set the work in occupied France with a film noir concept. Sun Pocono, Plains Twp. Doors open at 7 p. Performing hits like Feb. Nazareth Student Center at Maryto standing room only crowds. Mauch Chunk Opera wood University, Scranton. Circle or goodwillnepa. The University of Scranton Jazz appreciated. Houlihan-McLean Center org or wyomingvalleyartleague gmail. Lead Us Back tour or scranton. Open Jam Session, Mondays, 6 to 8 p. Bring an instrument and jump in to this weekly musical session. An Evening with Neil Young, Feb. Fathom Events, Warner Bros. Records and AARP present a special, one-night screening of the criticallyacclaimed post-apocalyptic musical comedy Human Highway along with the concert feature Rust Never Sleeps in select movie theaters nationwide.

Eli Young Band, March 3. From the Fjords, March 3, 7 p. The regional orchestra presents a chamber music concert featuring selections by Scandinavian composers performed by concertmaster Erica Kiesewetter on violin and pianist Fei-Fei Dong. Doors open at 7: Jorma Kaukonen, March 4, 8 p. The Honey Dewdrops, March 4, 8 p. Music of Led Zeppelin, March 5, 8 p. Catholic Choral Society, March 6, 3 p. Now in Doors open at 7 p. They will perform March 5, 8 p. A concert celebrating the music of inspirational music in the Lenten tradition under the Scandinavian composers Kirby Center for Creative direction of Ann Manganiello with accompaniment Arts at Wyoming Seminary, Kingston.

Saints Peter and Paul Parish, Plains. Multi-media laser and light show featuring the of the Arts at First Presbyterian concert series. Remembering Phil Ochs, March 6, 5 p. The Quietmen, March 10, 7: The Mystic Rulers St. Jane Lee Hooker, March 11, 8 p. Lotus Land Rush tributeMarch 12, 8 p. The Tartan Terrors, March 12, 8 p. The Toronto-based band performs Celtic music interlaced with comedy. Barry Manilow, March Catholic Choral Society, March 13, 3 p. They will perform inspirational music in the Lenten tradition under the direction of Ann Manganiello with accompaniment by Jean Shields. Sunday at the Circle: Songs from a Hat, March 13, 6: Doors open at 5: Participating musicians will build set lists by pulling slips of paper inscribed with their song titles from a hat.

Hazleton Art League, Hazleton. Gene Yevich Memorial Concert feat. The Joseph Boga Octet, March 13, 7: Admission to this eighth annual University of Scranton concert event is free of charge. The Importance of Being Earnest, Feb. Summit University, Clarks Summit. Directed by Candice Rowe and Karl Barbee. Choreography by Sam Schugardt. Act Out Theatre, Taylor. This landmark musical song cycle by Jason Robert Brown travels bounces through time from a Spanish sailing ship to contemporary New York City. Broadway Bound Phoenix Cabaret, Feb. Radisson at Lackawanna Station Hotel, Scranton. Cabaret for a Cause, Feb. A Broadway Theatre League concert presentation.

This live stage event recorded for podcast features original broadcast style dramas and comedies and a showcases a musical act each month. Annie, March 3 through 5, 7 p. Annie, March 4, 7 p. Phoenix Performing Arts Centre, Duryea. Orginal Playwright Readings, March 4, 7 p.

Students present the popular musical comedy based on the Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz. Big Sezting, March 4 through 13, Fridays-Saturdays, 8 p. Da, March fotmosa through 20, Fridays, Sundays, 2 p. Tickets available for dinner and show or show only. Ferrara Performing Arts Center, Hazleton. Once Upon a Mattress, March 11, 7 p. Scranton High School, Scranton. Million Dollar Quartet, March 16, 8 p. Alvina Krause Theatre, Bloomsburg. Continuing Kick Out the Bottom: Open Voice Poetry Reading, Feb. Charlotte Rusalka hosts this program of poetry, slam performance and freestyling the last Friday of every month. Everyone is a featured reader. Limit minutes per slot; sign up at 6: Assistant professor and associate dean of theatre Joseph Dawson directs the Wilkes University Theatre production of the musical adaptation of the movie about a group of soldiers who go out to get their kicks before leaving to fight in Viet Nam.

With musical direction by Ken McGraw. Opening reception includes live music by Gypsy Jazz Quintet. Mahady Gallery at Marywood University, Scranton. March 4, p. Using a combination of photography, digital art, audio editing and lighting effects, McGeehan explores the states of human consciousness.

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